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RECAG-90 is a new kind of synthenic refractory aggregate with high purity and density, based on the mineralogical phase of calcium hexaluminate (CA6), a special mineral phase with unique microstructure, having the following characteristics different from the conventional refractory aggregates:
High chemical purity ( impurities of SiO2, Fe2O3, etc are at very low level ) and high refractoriness (onset of melting 1830 °C);Low thermal conductivity compared with other refractory materials at a similar density, especially with corundum material (including fused corundum and sintered tabular alumina);Low solubility in iron slag. RECAG-90 can be used in the application of exposition to direct contact with liquid steel;High stability at strong reducing atmosphere (such as CO). RECAG-90 can be applied in petrochemical, coal chemical, ammonia and other industries;Low wettability by molten non-ferrous metals and slag (especially metal aluminium). RECAG-90 has good properties of erosion resis tance, penetration preventing, suitable for the lining of smelting furnace of high purity aluminium;High chemical resistance in alkaline environment. RECAG-90 has been used in a kiln outlet of large size cement kilnRelative lower consumption and lower cost when RECAG-90 replace denser corundum material in final refractory product under same performance;

As a kind of dense refractory aggregate, RECAG - 90 can be used to produce shaped bricks and monolithics. In refractory monolithics, RECAG-90 shows good adaptability and compatibility for most kinds of additives, micropowders. Thus this feature provides more flexibility for the optimization of formula. In addition, RECAG - 90 can be widely employed with all kinds of installation methods, including casting, self-flowing, gunning and wet shotcreting, etc.

RECAG - 90 is manufactured with sintering process. Its stable quality, ensured by serious online monitoring and control of its mineral phase, provides and guarantees successful site-installation performance and flexible formula design.


Chemical Composition and Physical Properties

• Chemical composition is determined according to Standard GB/T21114 : < Chemical analysis of refractory products by CRF-fused cast bead method>. • Bulk density, water absorption are determined in accordance with GB/T 2999.

Grain size available

RECAG - 90 can provide different sizes of particles and powder, including 3 ~ 5 mm, 1 ~ 3 mm, 0 ~ 1 mm particles, as well as fine powder of 325 mesh.

Practical application recommended

RECAG - 90 has been used in different areas of refractories:
• Steel ladle lining and permanent lining;
• Aluminum alloy melting furnace, transport ladle, etc.;
• Petrochemical, coal chemistry, synthetic ammonia and heating furnaces;
• Kiln outlet of large size cement kiln;

Storage and Shelf Life

In transportation and storage, RECAG-90 should be kept clean and dry in case of any pollution.