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VICAL68 is a pure calcium aluminate binder for refractory monolithic working at high and middle temperatures, showing excellent hydration activity, hydration strength and drying strength.

As a hydraulic binder intentionally designed, VICAL68 contains relative higher hydratable mineral phase- CA. This helps VICAL68 has a quicker green strength development together with appropriate setting time. It is suitable for refractory castables with higher requirement on demouding time and strength.

VICAL68, a binder manufactured by the sintering process, contains only calcium aluminates. Its stable quality, ensured by serious online monitoring and control of its mineral phase, provides and guarantees successful site-installation performance and flexible formula design. VICAL68 is ideal binder in many applications due to its special mineral composition (higher CA phase), outstanding curing and drying mechanical strength and excellent mid-temperature properties. Particularly, VICAL68 is recommended to be used in the formulation made by nature raw materials and containing fume silica.

VICAL68 has been widely employed in many refractory application fields:
- In iron and steel industry, it has be used in precasts and permanent line for tundish,steel ladle, reheating furnaces and EAF roofs etc.
- In cement industry, it can be applied in preheater, cooler, kiln hood and kiln outlet.
- In addition, it has been employed in incinerator furnaces of power plant, refuse burning and petro chemistry.