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VICAL71, designed to be used at high temperature and harsh environment, is a pure calcium aluminate binder with an alumina content of approximately 70%. It has outstanding performance during hydration and after exposure to high temperatures.

Thanks to the new design of mineral phase and special manufacture process, VICAL71 provides characteristics ideally suited for refractory applications where rapid hardening combined with excellent mechanical strength and high temperature performance are required.

VICAL71, a binder manufactured by the sintering process, contains only calcium aluminates. Its stable quality, ensured by serious online monitoring and control of its mineral phase, provides and guarantees successful site-installation performance and flexible formula design.

As a hydraulic binder without any additives, VICAL71 shows outstanding compatibility and tolerance to dosage and types of additives and micropowders in the formulations, which provides flexibility during formula optimization. Therefore, it is recommended to be used in high technology refractories, such as low cement, ultra low cement and pure corundum system.

The rheological properties of VICAL71 are well adapted to various installation conditions, particularly for the conditions like casting, self-flowing, gunning and shotcreting.

The chemistry of VICAL71 is particularly suitable for conditions where high purity is essential, especially for strong reduction atmosphere including carbon monoxide or hydrogen.