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SCT ceramic tube of preheater


Ceramic Inner Tube (SCT) is a main component of the NSP preheater in cement kiln, its main function is to strengthen the whirlwind in cyclone and enhance thermal exchange rate between gas and solid.

SCT is silicon carbide product, which has excellent high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, outstanding bending strength in high-temperature, and excellent resistant to abrasion, alkaline vapors, sulfur vapors. Through the design of microstructure, stress relief, elasticity modulus and special manufacturing technique, it improved the Sic ceramic’s tenacity. Its chemical and physical properties and stable quality ensured by serious online monitoring and super-high temperature reactive sintering process. The bar-type shape provides to install and change very easily.

SCT is an ideal replacement of heat-resistant steel tube. It is completely avoiding the defects in resistance to abrasion and corrosion of heat-resistant steel in high temperature, which is result in short service life around one year, especially the C4 and C5 preheater. SCT assures a service life 2-3 times longer than that of heat-resistant steel and reduces the production cost of cement. Meanwhile, the raw material of SCT is free of chrome, which completely prevents the chrome pollution to the clinker.


Outstanding abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and strength in high temperature;Long service life, reduce the replacement frequency and production cost.Easy installation and maintenance due to the light weight of ceramics and bar-type shape.It is safer in installation because of the bar-type shape.Ceramic design which avoids clogging of the inlet chamber caused by breaking down of the tube.Excellent integrity is more efficient on separation and heat exchange between gas and solid, which greatly reduce the heat and energy consumption;Reduce dust emissions and ESP load to be more environmental friendly.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Note: The above datas are the representative average value measured in accordance with the test methods for general purpose and vary with the fluctu ations of normal production conditions.These datas are provided as a technical service, sometimes may be adjusted, so they should not be regarded as the product index.