Yangquan Luzhong

Company profile:

Yangquan Luzhong Refractories Co., Ltd. locates in “the hometown of iron and coal”, Yu County, Yangquan, which is an important national mineral resources concentrating area, and 5 kilometers away from the Yu County east freeway junction.Yangquan Luzhong is a professional company producing various grades of bauxite clinkers, homogenized material, mullite, quality flint, carborundum, etc.Famous in the Yangquan refractory industry, the company has 8 advanced gas engine shaft kilns and can annually produces 40,000 tons of various grades of bauxite, 20,000 tons of mullite homogenized material and 40,000 tons of aggregate fine powder.The company has 3 quality flint production lines in Zibo, Shandong, which can produce 40,000 tons of quality flint annually.With complete and scientific quality management system, best products and professional sales and technic team, we can provide best products, good technic support and full after-sale service for customers.

Product characteristics:

Strict sorting, high sintering temperature, full reacting, dense structure, low impurity, and customizing various aggregates and powder.