Luzhong Refractories

A diversified high performance refractory company integrating research, design, production, sales, logistics and turnkey project; an excel lent supplier for cement, chemical, nonferrous and metallurgical industries exporting products worldwide.Founded in 1979 as Zibo Luzhong Refractories Plant, and reformed into shareholding system in 2002.Having 420 staff members including over 100 technic, administrating and sales members.Having 50,000,000 yuan of registered capital, 315,000,000 yuan of fixed assets and 320,000,000 yuan of sales turnover in 2016.Covering an area of 300,000 square meters, having 6 automatic gas tunnel kiln production lines and 1 unshaped production line, and producing 120,000 tons of various refractories annually.Carrying out production strictly according to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 and ISO10012, creating large values for customers by quali ty products and omni-directional service, identified as the strategic supplier by many customers both home and abroad, and winning high reliance and good reputation.

Xinjiang Tianshan Mountains Building Material Group Refractories Co., Ltd.

Founded in January 2011 as an independent legal person with 40,000,000 yuan of registered capital, the company was jointly funded by Xinjiang Tianshan Mountains Building Material (Group) Co., Ltd., Zibo Luzhong Refractories Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Huatai Xingfa Building Material Co., Ltd. The company mainly produces top and medium grade refractories by assimilating the techniques of Zibo Luzhong Refractories Co., Ltd. Changing the outdated situation of refractory technic in Xinjiang, the company has become the largest and most advanced refractory manufacturer in Xinjiang and filled up blanks in Xinjiang’s refactory industry, providing refractory and technic service for steel, cement and electric power industries.